You want to sell your breaking news item on Memecast but what in the world is an NFT?

To make it as simple as possible, a non-fungible token (NFT) has its unique identification code that gives the creator digital authentication over the NFT they create. Read more Here

On Memecast, we encourage creators to report the news in memes. This opens up the doors for freelance journalists, photographers, and storytellers to utilize a new platform to share their work.

What is Memecast

Memecast is an NFT marketplace specifically for news memes, powered by the Tezos blockchain. You can create, buy, sell your news collections on Memecast

What is the goal of Memecast?

We want to give creators, journalists, and the community an opportunity to share breaking news items, tech news, and entertainment in a quick and funny way.

Who owns my NFT news memes?

Upon creating an NFT news meme on Memecast, the respective creator is the sole owner. When an NFT news meme is sold, the NFT ownership is transferred and can be resold in the market. Original creator will earn a 5% royalty on each resale.

What are the different Memecast categories that news memes can be listed as?

You are able to select topics such as News, Culture, Tech when you first create your NFT news memes.

How do I sign up for Memecast?

It’s as simple as connecting your Tezos wallet, once you do, you’re ready to begin creating, buying, and selling.

Can I mint a news meme NFT without selling?


Are there fees?

  • 3% marketplace fee when buying an NFT news meme
  • 5% creator royalty fee
  • Minting fee of 0.01 tez